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Monday, August 24, 2009

MY 500 Days of Summer.

First of all...This movie....

I mean, I kinda like it. Sorta.

I like to correlate my life to this movie. Mostly because I adore it and have a weird obsession with it. But my ___ number of days of summer are over. It FELT like 500 days of summer spent in Oregon. But it was A GREAT 500 days.
I would put pictures up of all the things I did, but I think you would see 500 pictures. Too many? yea, I think so.
Boating, Hiking, Swimming, MASHITA'S (haha), sunday night game nights, star gazing, working as a sports camp counselor and a nanny with the two most incredible little kids. Spending time with my nieces and nephew and my family. The stories, memories, and good times are endless.

But the summer is coming to an end. I am now almost officially moved into my apartment here in Provo. School starts Wednesday and I'm ready for a new school year. I have such a better perspective on life. I've learned that happiness is the only way to accomplish anything. And I'm happy. Therefore, LOTS OF ACCOMPLISHMENT (learned something from high school math class. Deductive reasoning anyone?)

Lots and lots of pictures from summer '09 may come up soon. Don't hold your breath though. I'm a busy girl. Especially considering it took my mother and I 6 hours to get a Utah's drivers license to get residency today.
Residency, I hate you.
Summer '09, I'll miss you.

J'adore Y'all.

(and go see this movie. Seriously.)

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  1. I haven't seen it yet but I really wanted to. Is it awkward? I felt like it would be. I love your summer photos and am honored to have made it into some of them. but seriously why is your blog so cute?!?! ha have fun at your first day slightly sad you haven't already had to endure classes. ha


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