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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I think I'm a 12 Year Old Girl...

Why you ask?

I have been nannying this past summer and everyday I ask the kids if we can watch high school musical 3. (note: particularly the 3rd one. The others are lame).

Yea yea, laugh it up.

So one of my favorite scenes/songs in the whole movie is "Night to Remember" and here's why: Zac Efron's dancing in it is absolutely scrumptious. I have included a video of this scene. Please excuse the quality, I couldn't find a high quality video. You'd think with all of this technology, youtube could enhance the quality of videos...but eh ya win some ya lose some.

Okay. So while watching this video (if any of you even ACTUALLY watch it) look specifically for the part when Zac Efron comes out of the dressing room in a blue tux and does this hip thrust. AMAZING. hahaha. AND...When the whole cast is dancing together towards 2:45 and the drums in the background, they do this old fashioned disco dancing. And Zac Efron, I am convinced, can move his body like Michael Jackson.

Anyway. I'm a loser. Sorry about all these youtube videos I keep posting. Just I died of how adorable Zac Efron is in this movie, and his dancing. Ha.