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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Okay, so Kris Allen. I watched American Idol religiously this past season (as usual) and I NEVER thought in a million years that he would win. I kept hearing about Adam Lambert and how talented he was...blah blah blah. I ALWAYS adored kris (see his audition, how humble is he?!). He is super underrated and he deserved to win. Plus, is he not the cutest thing on this planet? You just want to squeeze his cute little cheeks :)

Now, I had repeatedly noticed the smirk he makes while singing. My mother and aunt and sisters have recently pointed out that this is particularly annoying. But I beg to differ. I find his side smirk utterly and unbearingly adorable. Did anyone else notice how he always shrugs his shoulders when he plays his guitar too? So cute.

Oh, not to mention when he sings...his voice gives me the chills. I sing. He sings. This would make us a perfect pair.

If only he were taller. ...

and not married.


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