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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Fetus Is Born. Yay!

Considering I don't have any children (and I like to think I have a few more years) I have noticed that I vicariously live through my older sisters who keep popping the children out. And since I'm a single young female (isn't that a song?) I'll post and brag about my nieces and nephews on here. Deal with it.
Last week on April 30, 2009 my sister Lexie had her first. Her "fetus" as she liked to call it, made it out into this world safely, but not easily. Little girl named Brizban Jean Cottle is a feisty one, but hey she's an Ainge. Unfortunately (or fortunately? After hearing the stories...) I wasn't there for the actual birth. But considering my own father was in the room, I like to think that was enough... Especially considering Lexie did AU NATURAL. Goodness--after the horror stories, I'm saying give me the drugs ASAP! Anywho. I present to you my newest niece. She's pretty darn cute if you ask me :)

Sleeping with her daddy and my brother in law, Nick. Aw :)

She falls asleep while eating. I can't even imagine doing that. You can see her blonde hair in this one!!

Let's just say she has Nick's fingers and toes. Here she is throwing gang signs, uh oh. Let's hope she has Nick's body with those fingers. We all laugh at her because they are scary long. YIKES.

Chubby cheeks. Of course.

In the carseat on the way home from the hospital. She's so little!

With her FAVORITE!

With Mckenna!

With Nona!

This is my favorite!

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