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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Aw The Single Life!

Not sure which reaction.
Alright, I know all of you bloggers (or most of you) don't even remember this thing called "single life" but I am caught in this storm of awkward dating.
Recently, I have been BANGING on the doors to get me out of these pity dates. Some of them are quite pleasant, but so far I keep swinging and missing. (these are all metaphors if you don't understand....just go with it here please)
While on this date about a month back I found myself daydreaming. Yes. This date was so horrible, I was daydreaming. Call me a terrible date, but believe me if you were caught in this situation-you would to. Well, to continue on I was daydreaming about my niece Portia and my nephew Palmer and my future niece (at the time) Brizban.
You heard me. I was daydreaming about how cute and perfect my fill in the blank children were.

Needless to say, I have been holding Baby Brizzy all the time the past few days, and it makes me sooo excited for my family. I have been missing Palmer and Portia like CRAZY since I've been home. So once again, I am caught vicariously living through my older sisters and their children until that Prince Charming comes and sweeps me off my feet. I'll be a handful though, let's see...any guys up for challenge?! :) yikes.

Portia. Age 2. As you can see, she was EXCITED to be potty trained. Usually she would sit on the toilet for hours on end singing to herself. She's a handful just like her auntie. But if I was as cute as that, I think my single life would be a bit more successful :)

I don't even need to explain this picture.

Palmer. Will be 4 in June. Palmer was supposed to be asleep one night when I walked in and I saw stickers all over his face. I fell on the ground laughing. Ha. This still makes me laugh when I look at it. He's the smartest 3 year old I know, he reads to me. He actually corrected me on a word once.

Who wouldn't love this?

Watching tv means focusing. Duh.

She's just so precious while sleeping. :)

Just makes you want one huh? Oh wait, most of you do. Ugh.

Okay, so I know I'm a little biased. But are those NOT the cutest kids you've ever seen? I nanny for two families right now. And yes they're cute, but not like those kids. Hello, these three have MY blood. No big.
K that's all. That's my showing off and my venting time. Have a great day :)


  1. i do agree that those are some darn cute kiddies and how lucky you are to enjoy them. and how really lucky your sisters are to have you babysit for free and LOVE IT!!!! i need a little sister just for that.

    dont be in too much a hurry to marry--sometimes you find yourself day dreaming about being single again, taking naps when ever you, want......the days when everything was centered on you. and that being okay.

    enjoy the now, because the married life will happen for you too and you will look back and sometimes miss the carefree days of college life. hang in there!


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