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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Oh Utah Valley. I am finishing up my last couple days of finals (which are KILLING me by the way! I didn't realize how bad at studying and tests I am until now) and I have been getting some mixed messages to stay here.

Utah was really hard for me to come to. I had a really negative outlook on things, but as I am leaving I have started to notice all the good things about this place.

Isn't that how it always seems to play out? Leaving somewhere is so bittersweet. I am soooo excited to go home to Good Ol Oregon, but I'm gonna miss all these mormons and these mountains for four months. I'm also going to miss the close friends I have learned so much about it and the things they have taught me. I'm also going to miss Palmer and Portia and Bri and Ronell. They always fed me and gave me something to smile out when I failed my tests or got in a petty fight with girls. A lot of growing up has occurred in this place! And hey, If I don't get a job or am absolutely dying in Oregon, I can always come back to Provo early. And plus, I'll be WAY excited to come back here in the fall! We all need a little break from places!

Til now, I march on through this hell of finals.
(Am I allowed to say that)?

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  1. i know youve said worse.

    a break may be what you need and i for one, will be super happy to see you come back. have fun and take good care of lexie and watch your new little neice so she can sleep, shower, eat, poop, because mommys need to do those things too! be a good girl!


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