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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Last night I went to the RACHAEL YAMAGATA & GREG LASWELL concert with Maria and Brock in Salt Lake City. I had never really heard Greg Laswell before and can I just tell you: I got the chills. His recordings don't do him justice at all. His voice is so pure and amazing. Rachael was quite amazing herself, but I already knew that before I went. She was hilarious. I'm pretty sure she was a bit buzzed before performing, but hey whatever works!

Before the concert we spent the day at Gateway Mall in Salt Lake. Maria and I got lots of enjoyment dragging Brock into Victoria Secret and the most feminine stores. He loved us for it. Maria found her favorite cookbook: skinny bitch in the kitch (SORRY MOM.) We died of laughter in Barnes of Noble. While I ALMOST peed my pants. We laughed and acted immature the entire day. What's new?

After standing in the freezing cold in my sundress and jesus shoes we finally got to see Rachael and Greg. Brock almost cried because he's in love with Rachael. We saved his masculinity though ;). But the concert: Like I said,


Absolute amazingness. Go listen to them. It's very calm, relaxing music. So just a warning. Here are some pictures from our amazing adventure.

Rachael Yamagata. Sorry bout the blur. We only had one Camera and it was Maria's cheapo one from Walmart. Not the greatest quality. FAIL. hahaha jk love ya girl.

Greg Laswell singing. Mmmmm

Our emotions throughout the evening. Brock's typical face. Grump.

Definition of our friendship.

Brock bought these glasses after shopping in his obsession store: Urban. I was more obsessed with them then him.

Surprise face. Cop car was supposed to be in the background. Because Ria and I love cops. Perfect.

Best frenssss :)


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